I think I’m getting a cold :(

Kids are little germ carrying gremlins who insist on hugging you with their little runny noses. 



my name is luna enriquez

Dear Lunchbag

this needs to always be on my dashboard

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After two years of living by myself I still am not used to the sound of my own laughter. Especially when something funny catches me by surprise and my laughter just kind of bursts out and scares me.


i used to think people were saying “chester drawers” instead of “chest of drawers”

and I thought the phrase was “fiber of my bean” and not “fiber of my being”

Currently making my list of places I want to go and people I want to see over the next year. 


which one is supposed to be the better one?

Clearly the Chipotle burrito. How is this even a question?

already planning Happy Hour for this Friday…